Governance Token of ROBO AI Project - $RBAI

Total Supply: 25,000,000 $RBAI Token

✔️Pre-sale: 10M (40%)

✔️ RoboAI OG Pass Holders Airdrop: 8M (32%) $RBAI airdrop will be divided into 4 parts of 2M tokens each. RoboAI OG Pass Holders snapshot will be taken for each part of the airdrop at a random time in periods: 1️⃣April 25-30 2️⃣ May 1-7 3️⃣ May 8-17 4️⃣ May 18-27. After each snapshot we will publish info on the OG Points checker page. $RBAI tokens will be automatically sent to the addresses within 48 hours after the snapshot. This Airdrop mechanism was created to prevent price dumps.

✔️ Platform Allocation: 2M (8%) Allocation to Main DRC-20 Projects for use on the DRC-420.io Platform; Partnership & Supporters sharing; Lockup Period 30 days with 10% Vesting every Month. Or 100% in use on the DRC-420.io Platform.

✔️ Treasury Reserve: 2,5M (10%) Strategic Project reserve. Lockup Period 60 days with 20% vesting every month!

✔️ Marketing: 1,5M (6%) Marketing on the WEB2 & WEB3 spheres. Lockup Period 60 days with 20% vesting every month!

✔️Ecosystem Development: 1M (4%) For power sources and external development, if required by Project. Lockup Period 60 days with 20% vesting every month!

Main methods to prevent inflation:

- All Services from Team would be paid by $RBAI Token

- Other Projects would BuyBack token, who want to Launch / Inscribe / Create 3D Arts / Create Own Brand with Copyright Fees

- Users who will be interesting to use AI Tools without Limited access

- 20% of Funds from Minting Tools would be exchanged to $ROBO Token


  1. Governance: $RBAI holders can participate in decision-making processes regarding the DRC-420.io platform updates, feature implementations, and community proposals.

  2. Transaction Fees: Utilize $RBAI for transaction fees within the platform, offering discounts or special terms for $RBAI users.

  3. Minting Service Tool: Offer discounts or exclusive access to users who pay with $RBAI.

  4. Launchpad Access DRC-420: Provide priority access or special conditions to $RBAI holders for new projects launching through your platform.

  5. Exclusive Features and NFTs: Offer unique features, services, or NFT drops for $RBAI holders.

  6. Taking parts in Raffle System with $RBAI

  7. Only for Use in game and Trade a separate Pair $UTILITY TOKEN / DOGE

Deflationary Mechanics:

  1. Transaction Burn: Implement a small percentage of $RBAI to be burnt with every transaction conducted on the platform, reducing the total supply over time.

  2. Buyback and Burn: Allocate a portion of platform profits to buy back $RBAI tokens periodically.

  3. Staking Rewards: Encourage holding and staking of $RBAI by offering rewards, which can reduce the circulating supply.

  4. Limited Period Lockups: For the platform allocation and partnership tokens, enforce a lockup period with a vesting schedule, which can help control the market supply.

Additional Considerations:

  • Pre-sale and Airdrop: Ensure fair distribution to avoid market manipulation. Implement anti-dump measures such as staggered release or vesting for pre-sale participants.

  • Liquidity Pool Management: Ensure sufficient liquidity on both decentralized and centralized exchanges to facilitate easy trading of $RBAI. Consider rewards for liquidity providers.

  • Partnership and Supporter Allocation: Define clear usage terms for these tokens to ensure they contribute to the platform's growth and are not just sold off immediately.

  • Community and Marketing: Allocate funds for community growth and marketing to ensure widespread adoption and utility of $RBAI.

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