Deploy License and Mint Copies


Following roles are related to DRC-420:

  • Owner: The current owner of specific inscription.

  • Deployer: The wallet used to deploy DRC-420 for specific inscription. Deployer is same as Owner.

  • Royalty Receiver: The wallet used to get royalty fee paid by Minter. The Royalty Receiver is the same as Deployer.

  • Minter: The wallet used to mint recursive content for specific inscription by following DRC-420 protocol

How To

Follow steps should be strictly followed to play with DRC-420:

  • Deploy DRC-420 As the owner of one specific inscription. You can inscribe the deploy function for that inscription to your Doginals compatible wallet (like Doge Labs). The royalty fee is specified at this phrase. The paid royalty fee by following minter will always be transfered to the deployer account.

  • Mint Recursive Content

    Anyone could inscribe the recursive content by following the parameters defined in the deploy function. That is, you have to pay extra royalty fee defined in deploy function to drc-420 deployer. The fee should be paid in the commit tx of the commit-reveal inscription process.



  • Everyone could deploy drc-420 for his/her owned inscriptions

  • The deployer is the receiver of the royalty fee

  • The drc-420 could only be deployed once for each inscription. That means further deployments are all invalid once one valid drc-420 is deployed for specific inscription no matter how it circulates among different accounts

  "p": "drc-420",
  "op": "deploy",
  "id": "inscription id",
  "name": "drc-420 name",
  "max": "10000",
  "price": "80"



Protocol: Helps other systems identify and process drc-420 events



Operation: Type of event (Deploy)



The id of the inscription which the drc-420 is created for



drc-420 collection name, it could be 128 characters long



Maximum allowed mint number



The royalty fee to be paid by minter in DOGE. The minimum value here is 0.1.


  • Everyone could mint resursive inscriptions based on the rules defined by drc-420 deploy inscription

  • The mime type of the drc-420 defined resursive inscription should be the same as original inscription

  • The content simply follows the resursive style: /content/<INSCRIPTION_ID>, INSCRIPTION_ID here refers to the inscription to be resursived, it's the same as inscription id specified in the drc-420 deploy inscription

  • The correct amount of DOGE should be sent to drc-420 deployer during mint process

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