Staking campaign

Staking campaign – “MINING ROBO ADVENTURE”

The Release of the DRC-420 full-style Protocol will provide an option to build extra options & utility above the present collection.

  • A Staking Mining Game will be released.

  • Protocol will be implemented for the first time on the SPECIAL LANDs with Different rarities. OG Holders will receive LANDs as AIRDROP.

  • MINING LAND | DRC-720 will provide future opportunities to work with Special possibilities to Mint any other DRC-720 inscription with reference to Land Owner NFT, whose address will receive License Fee.

  • The Whole Ecosystem will have the possibility to Stake your ROBO on the SPECIAL LAND for mining Utility Token.

  • Each ROBO will have rarity and different options for mining with special abilities.

  • Each ROBO, as an operator of the MINING MODULE, can increase the potential of the owner and add extra AI SMART-PARTS for the MINING MODULE.

  • The First Owners of ROBO will have the option to stake their assets to have the option to receive AI SMART-PARTS, MINING MODULES, LANDS, and even AI PACK randomly.

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