Holders benefits

1. ROBO AI DRC-420 collection airdrop

3D ROBO avatar as an airdrop to each RoboAI OG Pass holders. All future benefits & rewards would be based on the first ROBO AI DRC-420 Collection, which will give an opportunity for receiving future benefits.


◉ Doginals ecosystem with a new DRC-420 Protocol is giving an opportunity for OG NFTs to be staked for an extended period with maximum rewards for holders. Future assets of the ROBO AI ecosystem will be dropped via Random Shuffle Machine. WL & FREE Mints on the other projects etc. ◉ Staking system with DRC-420 protocol with a chance to receive different parts of future “MINING ROBO ADVENTURE”: mining modules, operator upgrades, boosters etc. ◉ MINING LAND as a chance during long-term staking until the release of “MINING ROBO ADVENTURE”


Direct transfer on a frequent basis (to be confirmed period) to ROBO AI holders wallets: ◉ 50% of fee from DRC-420 Marketplace earnings ◉ 50% of RoboAI OG Pass & ROBO AI DRC-420 collections royalty volume would be distributed between holders ◉ 50% of mint service tool of the project

4. OG Mint Service

Limited amount of inscriptions per each OG NFT via service for DRC-20 & DRC-420. Rarity will multiply free mints. Each owner will have the opportunity to reveal 1-time personal code for each NFT to receive a limited number of FREE mint (covering only the lowest gas fee, numbers of mints would be specified after release Mint Service Tool). It will be covering DRC-20 & DRC-420 with the possibility to combine NFTs code into one big pool via connection with TEAM for minting full-style collection with Recursive technology.

5. Governance Token

Airdrop $RBAI DRC-20 token would be emitted. The main idea is to create the most suitable non-ponzu scheme to focus clients to use all our service will buy-back $RBAI DRC-20 token to keep the price at the appropriate rate. See token utility in the next chapters.

6. Access to future project assets

As the Main & First asset on the DRC-420, the ROBO AI collection will provide unique access to all future opportunities of the project for holders.

The availability and worth of these benefits will be dictated by the rarity of the AI CUBE OG PASS. You can trade RoboAI OG Pass: buy and sell them on marketplaces. Stay tuned for the announcement of the snapshot date to receive innovative products! Curious about DRC-420? Keep scrolling for more details!

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