🚀 March – April 2024🚀

• Collaboration with Doginals Projects🤝

• BETA Test of DRC-420.io Platform

• BETA Test of DOGINAL SCREENER. Insight view of first DEX SCREENER for Doginals

• Public Mint of “RoboAI OG Pass”

• Rarity System release: OG Score System & Rank System Airdrop📊

• Calculation System Airdrop for Holders (Rarity & Quantity Base)🎁💰

• Prescribing Future RoboAI Main Characters🎭

• Deploy Governance Token $ROBO for DRC-420.io Project & Platform

• Release of final version of Tokenomics

• Governance Token Event: Allocation to Partners; Airdrop for OG Holders; Pre-Sale; Liquidity Pool Creation

• Release DOGINALS SCRENEER in full style. Free and Premium subscriptions options. First utility for governance token

• Launch Bounty Platform for Developers of Doginals Protocols: DRC-20, DRC-420 & DRC-720

🚀 Q3 2024 🚀

• Release of DRC-420 PLATFORM in Full Style: Index for DRC-420; Control of DRC-420 Assets, Royalty’s System for Projects and etc.


• Service for Launching Doginals DRC-420 Collection from Zero till Listing

• Release of First DRC-420 Collection “ROBO AI”. Airdrop of assets to holders of “RoboAI OG Pass”

• Community Holders Events - Organize community-centric NFT events, encouraging participation.

• Apply Raid System to Another Projects with Future Distribution Received Benefits between Holders ⚔️🛡

• NFT Staking Mechanism: Introduce a staking mechanism for NFTs, offering additional benefits for holders. “RoboAI OG Pass” & “ROBO AI” DRC-420 assets staking.

• Free Mint Service by Limited Quantity for Each NFT “ROBO AI”

• Release Monthly Fee Distribution system for Holders of “ROBO AI”: 50% of Fee from DRC-420 Marketplace earnings; 50% of Project Collections Royalty Volume; 50% of Mint Service Tool; 50% of VIP Access Doginal Screener

• Launch AI Tools on the DRC-420.io Platform & Telegram Bot. Invite traffic flow from WEB2 users and possibility to pay to extra use by Crypto.

• VIP Access of AI Tools for “RoboAI” Holders with advanced options

• Launch & Established DAO of Holders

• Service for Migrating / Dualising of DOGINALS Projects to DRC-420

🚀 Q4 2024 🚀

• Hiring DRC Developers: Recruit additional developers for the DRC team.

• Issue First Separate NFT Collection with Distribution for OG Holders, rewards for Staking, Events and etc. for future usage inside of Mining Game Project

• Hiring Product Manager, Game Designer for polishing Game System

• Beta Test for Mining Game

• Launch Game-Staking Project “MINING ROBO ADVENTURE”

• Two Project Adaptations from WEB2 to WEB3 on the DRC-420 Protocol with Using Governance Token

• Conquest of Other Realms: Explore expansion to other blockchains including BRC-20, LTC-20, Ethereum (&L2), Polygon, Solana.

• Release of Projects “from WEB2 to WEB3” on the DRC-420.io Platform with utility of Governance token

• Rewards to Long-Term Holders

• The Beginning of Beta Testing of Arcade Game. Initiate beta testing for an upcoming arcade game

• Interactive Gaming Elements: Incorporate gaming elements within the NFT collection.

• Launch First ARCADE Game. Officially launch the first arcade game accessible through own Sources and DLC Option of DRC-420

• Dynamic Rarity Adjustments. Implement a system for dynamic rarity adjustments based on market conditions

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