🔸How to claim Doge Runestone (claim closed)

  1. Install Doge Labs Wallet from Google Webstore - https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/doge-labs-wallet/jiepnaheligkibgcjgjepjfppgbcghmp If you have it, move on to the next point.

  2. Make sure you have enough DOGE in your Doge Labs Wallet! You can fund your wallet with any exchange! Only send DOGECOIN to your wallet!

  3. Сonnect Doge Labs Wallet first (it's important)!

  1. Connect one of BTC wallets next. It could be Unisat or OKX wallet. Please note! Your BTC Wallet is used solely to check if you meet the criteria. The claim is made in Doge. If you are using another wallet to hold Runestone, simply import your secret phrase into Unisat or OKX wallet! Important, don’t tell anyone your secret phrase!

  1. After connecting DOGE and BTC wallets, you will see if you meet the criteria!

  1. Choose the amount of DOGE you are willing to send to claim Doge Runestone! You can donate any amount of DOGE (with a minimum of 1 $DOGE as a fee). However, you will receive only x1 DOGE RUNESTONE in your Doge Labs wallet, regardless of the donation amount and the number of Runestones in your Bitcoin wallet.

  1. Click CLAIM button and confirm the transaction in your Doge Labs wallet!

  2. You will see a pop-up window with the transaction hash!

If the pop-up window does not appear, then do the following: open your Doge Labs wallet, go to settings, press the button RESET WALLET STATE. Refresh the claim page and do everything again.

  1. After your transaction is confirmed on the Doge blockchain, sit back and relax. Your Doge Runestone will start appearing in your Doge Labs wallet. Distribution will be done in batches in next few days! Metadata will be added to the Marketplace only after the 2nd Phase for the DOGINALS Community! Important! You can only claim DOGE RUNESTONE once using your Bitcoin address. Do not connect multiple Doge Labs addresses together with one Bitcoin address. The script carefully checks and matches addresses. You won't get anything if you do this.

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