DRC-420 Royalty Standard

DRC-420 introduces a new attribute to inscriptions - Royalty.

As a creator, you might have an amazing artwork that you don't want to sell, but your fans want to display it in their metaverse.

As a singer, you may have spent thousands to release a song, but your fans want to buy it for $5 to play at home.

As a KOL, your followers may want to buy your VIP Pass to join your inner circle and share the laughs from your daily activities.

As a game developer, you've spent days creating a gameplay that you want to license to others for $10, saving them development time.

DRC-420 makes all of this possible.

Our current protocol and website allow creators to sell copies of their inscriptions.

Unlike current solutions, you simply just 'deploy a license' to make it all happen.

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